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Change the processor but not the board with the Intel Scalable Board Design.

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welcome! eg3.com is a community portal that indexes all the net resources, free software, papers, books, hardware, software, and services of value to the embedded, dsp, and realtime community. if you are interested in compactpci, system-on-a-chip, voice over ip, texas instrument's dsp's - if you are a design engineer - if you want to use the net effectively for electronic design. eg3.com is your resource. enjoy!

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NIDays '00 - National Instruments Days
Join us for NIDays 2000 to Get Connected to technology! NIDays 2000 will be held from September to December 2000 in 78 cities worldwide. Attend the conference nearest you to discover the advantages of using the Web with emerging hardware, software and networking technologies in your measurement and automation systems.
Lynuxwork Introduces Breakthrough Technology for Embedded Code Development
LynuxWorks, Inc., a provider of open source and true real-time embedded solutions for the post-PC era, today announced the availability of a new breakthrough technology, the SpyKer event trace and visualization tool for software developers building embedded systems with the LynuxWorks LynxOS® real-time operating system, BlueCat Linux or other Linux distributions.

 Atlas: Universal Digital Signal Computer - In no-time to real-time DSP

Atlas is the Universal Digital Signal Computer for rapid prototyping, development and deployment of high-reliability DSP systems. Atlas integrates a modular, robust hardware platform and the scalable Virtuoso RTOS and development software. The concept allows for scalable computing power and I/O.
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TEL: ++32-16-29 24 20 FAX: ++32-16-29 50 25
EMAIL: info@eonic.com WWW: http://www.eonic.com/b4atlas

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